Winter is Back!

Finally! Some fresh snow.

There has been a lack of snow with very little, if any, since the beginning of January. So when the forecast called for a storm passing through with significant snowfall I headed for the hills.


The Shining

north vancouver North Vancouver shined today.

Winter 2012

A short slideshow from a series of stills shot over the holidays in Whistler, British Columbia.

Click here to view in HD.

First Ride of 2013

A “post New Year’s party” hangover ride on the lower Mt. Seymour trails. This photo was taken Read the rest of this page »

Riding in the Interior of British Columbia

A selection of photos from two days of biking in the interior of British Columbia. On the first day we rode the Larch Hills Traverse which starts in Salmon Arm and ends in Sicamous. On the second day we rode a short but super fun loop in Merritt. Read the rest of this page »

Whistler Longboard Festival

The second annual Whistler Longboard Festival took place July 15, 2012 at the Whistler Sliding Centre. The course is 1.6km, drops 300 metres and includes seven hairpin turns. Riders leave the start gate in groups of six, tucking to gain speed and trying to stay low and in control as they slide around corners. Read the rest of this page »

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