Chilcotin Mtn. Bike Adventure

The Chilcotin has been called BC’s last frontier, a tribute to the region’s vast open spaces and wild, spectacular landscape, much of which was moulded by the actions of volcanoes. This is a world of few roads, little industry and not many people, with an impressive diversity of wildlife including grizzly bears, big horn sheep and wild horses.

The past three season’s I’ve tried to make it up here but failed at every attempt; each thwarted for various reasons. Until now.
I received a last minute call from my good friend Scott a week prior with an offer to jump in a float plane and head out in to the wildness with 4 other riders.

Finally, it’s happening! We set off from North Vancouver Thursday evening for our 9am departure the next morning from Tyaughton Lake. It’s a 4 – 5hr drive along the Sea to Sky highway up to Pemberton and along the Hurley Pass past Gold Bridge and Bralorne to Tyax Lodge.

What follows, are some photo’s and video’s from our 9hr epic bike ride through the most stunning landscape I’ve ridden. A supremely satisfying day with a fantastic group of friends – Mike, Scott, Andrew and Steve.

Mike chasing Scott.

The start of our adventure. The Squamish Chief in the background.

Quick stop in Whistler to pick up Andrew and Steve.

Fueling up in Pemberton. Mt Currie in the background.

Dinner at The Pony in Pemberton.

Mike at the wheel on the Hurley Pass.

Our crew - Scott, Mike, Andrew and Steve. Somewhere on the Hurley Pass.

Tyax Lodge mascot - reminding visitors they are now in grizzly country.

Sunrise on Tyaughton Lake.

Tyax Lodge

Float plane patiently waiting for the day's first departure from Tyaughton Lake.

Scotty keeping a close eye on our pilot's landing skills.

Time to board our flight - 10 min flight to Warner Lake.

Andrew you better hide that bear spray.

Pre-flight check.

Thanks for letting me have the front seat boys!

Into the Wild.

Stunning views for miles.

Warner Lake.

Time to unload the plane and begin our 9 hr journey back to Tyaughton Lake.

A quick assembly of bikes.

Mike going through the gears, little did he know his chain would break shortly after.

Yours truly taking in the scenery.

Anyone know how to use this thing?

Bear spray. Extra strength for grizzlies.

Tread carefully.

Grizzly country.

Mike's broken chain. Luckily someone (Andrew) remembered to bring some spare links for trail side repairs.

Mike and Scott blazin' the trail.

Hummingbird Lake

Left at the next fork, then an hour of straight up to Spruce Lake.

Mike improvising with a log as a roller.

You don't want this shit sticking to your tires.

Cooling off at Spruce Lake.

Scott enjoying a short nap on Spruce Lake.

By late afternoon we were all feeling fatigued.

Unfortunately, this is where the photo’s stop because the battery in the camera ran out. We still had 3 hours of riding remaining before we would arrive back at Tyax Lodge. We started at 10am and were back at 7:30pm, total distance was around 55km with plenty of breaks.


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