Mt. Fromme Awesomeness

After being held hostage indoors by Saturday’s downpour, I needed to get outside – badly!
Luckily, living in Van city the outdoors is just a stone’s throw away. So I packed up my gear,
threw the bike on the rack, grabbed my camera and headed for…
Mt. Fromme. My plan was two fold. One – see how far up I could ride before being forced back by snow; Two – take some photos along the way.

This was the first time I had taken a camera (other than the one offered by the iPhone) so I was both excited and nervous. Excited because I could finally take some quality shots but nervous because wiping out with a backpack full of camera gear could be expensive and lead to injuries. Fortunately, my ninja skills avoided the latter.

I reached the same elevation as the bottom of the ‘Blueberry’ chair (not sure if it’s still called the same – haven’t skied Grouse in years) and as I stopped, unclipped my pack and pulled out my camera to take a shot – the scene disappeared! The fog rolled in and shielded the Lift. I waited for 5 – 10 minutes but it was cold and I had a 12km descent ahead of me so I decided to pack up and head back down the mountain. It wasn’t long before both my feet and fingers were numb. Under 20 minutes and I was in my car with the heat cranked and the end of another awesome day playing in the great outdoors.

Here is a slideshow from the images above. You can view the HD version here.


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