Westside Wheel Up 2009

In the beginning, the West Side Wheel Up was all about fun – a chance for local mountain bike riders to get together and race some of the tough west side trails at the end of the season.

That changed in 2000 when race founder Les Claire was injured during a construction accident, and that year’s race was held as a fundraiser for Claire and his family. The next year Claire gave Phil Chew the nod to host the event as a fundraiser for the B.C. Para Alpine Ski Team, which assists young disabled ski racers in achieving their dreams of racing for Canada in the Paralympics. In a nutshell, this is what the Wheel Up is all about.

This was my very first race after getting back into mountain biking from a 15 year hiatus. My result fell well short of what I had envisioned. I finished 50th overall (out of about 100 riders) in 2hrs 04mins. My fitness was nowhere close to the local Whistler riders, most of whom ride daily.

Yesterday was the 2010 version of the Wheel Up and I improved my overall result and time from the previous year by a substantial margin. Stay tuned for an upcoming post with the details.


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